First Edition (2020)

Our brief history

Symplatform was scheduled on April 16th and 17th @ the Trinity College Dublin. The COVID-19 pandemic changed our plants.

Our debut took place between June 29th and July 3rd in a fully digital format, with the first Symplatform Week.

We had 2 great guest speakers, the chance to listen to 9 papers and 2 start-ups presenting their challenges. We had more than 150 registered participants and an uncountable number of feedback and reflections on the world of platforms.

We are looking forward for the second edition!

Guest speakers

Prof. Roberto Verganti

Prof. Wim Vanhaverbeke


TITLE: Towards Open Banking – How does the Banking Business Model Evolve and Integrate in a Platform Ecosystem?
AUTHORS: Markus Lamest and Elma Memic

TITLE: Food&grocery industry: challenges and opportunities from digital platforms
AUTHORS: Ciro Troise, Mario Tani, Anna Prisco and Mohamed Hani Gheith

TITLE: Digital Platforms and Complementor Performance: Insights from the Service Sector
AUTHORS: Mikko Hanninen and Anssi Smedlund

TITLE: An augmented value proposition canvas for digital platforms
AUTHORS: Paul Belleflamme and Nicolas Neysen

TITLE: Idle asset hunters: the secret of multi-sided platforms

AUTHORS: Daniel Trabucchi, Silvia Sanasi, Antonio Ghezzi and Tommaso Buganza

TITLE: The Platform Business Model Canvas – In Search Of Patterns Of Platform Business Model Success
AUTHORS: Davis Eisape

TITLE: Digital Technologies and the Wisdom of the Crowd: Building a Multi-Sided Platform to Support Public Discussion on Sustainable Development
AUTHORS: Gianluca Elia and Alessandro Margherita

TITLE: Platform Enhancers: collaborating to launch a platform

AUTHORS: Clarissa Falcone, Luca Gastaldi, Daniel Trabucchi, Tommaso Buganza and Mariano Corso

TITLE: Regulating Platform Fees under Price Parity
AUTHORS: Renato Gomes and Andrea Mantovani 

Pitch Your Challenge

This has been a fantastic interactive sessions that allows participants to solve real digital platforms challenges.  In small groups we had the chance to discuss these challenges sharing relevant insights and reflections with the entrepreneurs.

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