Platform Thinking MOOCs

Can platforms become tools for innovation? Over the last two decades, platforms such as Google, Amazon Airbnb, Uber, Tripadvisor, have transformed the way we search for information, buy goods, travel and move around. This series of MOOCs focuses on “Platform Thinking” – the ability to think about new services and new business models through a platform logic that can leverage the resources, expertise, and history of existing businesses, in every industry, even the most traditional ones.

The first Mooc, “What’s beyond Uber?” is available here, the second one, “Designing a platform”, is available here, and the third one “Exploiting data through platforms” here.

The courses are produced by Politecnico di Milano in the Polimi Open Knowledge project, they are now freely available on Coursera for free.

The MOOCs build and leverage the #PlatformThinkingToolkit which is freely available in the MiroVerse here.

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