Talking About Platforms

Talking about Platforms is the podcast where we present and discuss relevant discoveries from the field of platform research.

The hosts of the podcast are Philip Meier and Daniel Trabucchi. They welcome in each episode a platform-scholar presenting his/her latest paper.

The mission of the podcast is to facilitate the dissemination of platform research to a wider audience, going beyond the academic boundaries and to present top scientific papers in an easy, understandable and enjoyable way, while fostering a critical discussion

The podcasts will be released every other week starting March 2nd, 2022 for 8 weeks on all the podcasting platforms (Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and Google Podcasts).

The featured guests of the first season are:

  1. Milan Miric
  2. Joost Rietveld
  3. Annabelle Gawer
  4. Mareike Möhlmann
  5. Martin Kenney & John Zysman
  6. Tommaso Buganza & Antonella Moretto
  7. Pinar Ozcan
  8. Grace Gu
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